Ryan N.                    Sept. 25, 2016

"Had a great experience at Clarksville Collision! They handled all the rental car scheduling, my car was finished before I expected, it looks wonderful, and, when I picked it up, it was nice and clean. And, I even received chocolate! I could not be happier!"

Judy B.                       May 4, 2017

"You all did a great job! I have told people I know about what a wonderful job you did, and how wonderful you treat your customers. Keep up the good work. Thank you."

"I had a wonderful experience with my car. No one likes to have an accident but Clarksville Collision helped get me back on the road in no time. I appreciate the excellent customer service. I will recommend to my friends and family. Thanks again!"

"I have repeatedly used your services. Very satisfied. Thank you!"

Wanda S.                  May 15, 2017

Ron K.                        Dec. 9, 2016

"I was completely satisfied with my experience. Everyone was friendly, competent, and courteous. I even got to meet Mr. Tom Ragland. I will most certainly recommend you to my friends and family."

Kimberly M.              July 25, 2016

Jan C.                      April 14, 2017

"The repairs were done well, your employees were friendly and accommodating, and overall take an A+ for a grade."

​"Picked up my car today and looks good as new. Very professional staff that has taken care of my family for many years when we have something happen to our vehicles."

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Our goal is to provide all of our guests with safe, professional repairs and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

We would love to take care of all of your collision repair needs, 
and we hope you consider our family when choosing a collision repair facility!

"My recent experience with Clarksville Collision Center exceeded my expectations! . . . I will never dread making a decision of where to go the next time or where I would refer my family and friends...without hesitation, I would insist they visit Clarksville Collision! Also, their entire STAFF is AMAZING!"

Ted L.                         Feb. 2, 2017

Christin H.            March 16, 2017

"We had a great experience. The car came back looking as good as new. They did a great job repairing the car. The inside looked really great, all clean too. I would highly recommend Clarksville Collision Center to anyone who needs car repairs. Thank you so much and for the extra work you did too. Thanks again."

"You guys have the customer service thing down. I experienced thorough and friendly communication from start to finish, including seamless service with a rental car.
When I picked up my vehicle after repairs were finished, I was delighted by little extras: you washed my car and you vacuumed the interior. . . We wouldn't consider going anywhere else."


"I was extremely pleased with the service rendered at Clarksville Collision Center and will most certainly refer you to friends and family!"

Barbara L.                  Jan. 17, 2017

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                                       on our

"I had a great experience with my repair. I appreciate you taking care of all the issues that came up with the insurance company and also insisting on making full and sound repairs and not making band-aid fixes."

"I was very happy with the job Clarksville Collision Center did on my car. The service was great. If I need body work you're my first choice."

"I am extremely pleased with my experience. The drop-off procedure was very simple including having a rental vehicle there for me. The repairs look wonderful. Everyone was helpful and professional. Thanks!"

Nancy S.                 March 2, 2017

Evelyn L.                   Nov. 11, 2016

"Had a great experience with Clarksville Collision Center. My car was done before it was expected. They handled the insurance issues that came up. The dark chocolate when I picked up my car was a awesome idea and gift as a thank you to the customer."


"I was very pleased with Clarksville Collision Center's care of my care and yours truly.  You even made arrangements for me to be picked up by the car rental company and contacted them when I dropped off the rental! Thanks for your good help!"

Ivy J.                            May 6, 2016

Phyllis C.                    Feb. 8, 2017

Patrick K.                   Jan. 19, 2016

Clarksville Collision Center

Vance W.                    Dec. 2, 2016

Janna S.                   Sept. 18, 2016

Jeffrey T.                  Feb. 16, 2017

Evan G.                      Nov. 25, 2015

"Fantastic! The repairs made to my Jeep are top notch. The staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They are a certified repair shop for Jeep & Mopar accessories and for American Family insurance. I'll be going back if I ever need repairs again."

Larry C.                    May 19, 2017

"Thanks for a very good job on repairing my Ridgeline. Your service was exceptional and everyone I dealt with was extremely courteous. The repairs you made on my vehicle look like nothing ever happened to it. Thanks so much."

"We were very happy with the service and the car looks great!"